1-2 Punch

If you're looking for a true cash cow, you've come to the right place.  You'll have to do a few things, but if you follow the 1-2 punch system, the world can be yours.

I’ll be the first to preach about trying to build multiple companies at the same time, but if you can tie them in as a system, and if they are not similar, it can be magic.

Anyway, I created a system that I call the 1-2 Punch and it's amazing if applied correctly.  With my 1-2 Punch system, the income potential can be staggering.  If you're in 6+ other deals like too many others, my system may not be a good fit for you, but if you can focus and work close with me, the world can be yours.

If you're serious about creating real wealth, I'm serious about helping you, but you have to meet me in the middle and get serious about building your business.  I am not looking for tire kickers or people looking for a test run to "see" if my system works.  It works when "we" work it.

My 1-2 Punch system is designed for builders... people who will commit to sponsoring 2, however long that takes, and who will help those 2 get their 2, however long that takes.  If that’s not you... it’s okay.  For now, I need serious and committed people to apply my system or it won’t work.

1-2 Punch System Requirements:

  1. You must be 110% committed to the system and 150% committed to following it.  It’s incredibly easy as it places people in the right place at the right time.
  2. You must be a builder or have the builder mindset.  Even building slow is better than not building at all.  We are only as strong as our team, so the bigger the team you create (with my help) , the bigger the paychecks you’ll create.
  3. You have to be willing to learn and be able to focus on the end goal.
  4. You must maintain a minimum of 2 active personals at all times.  If you're not a builder or completely committed to making this work, this isn't for you.  This is not an option and you must be committed and focused and willing to do your part and have your 2.  This isn’t about taking money from you... it’s about positioning you to earn money.
  5. Must be a team player and must be willing to help others.
  6. Option #1 & Opportunity #1 - Have a minimum of $1,000.00 to invest.  There will be no out of pocket costs going forward.  As you start earning 3 and 4 figure incomes per month, you will be introduced and instructed on how to start opportunity #2.  Opportunity #1 will pay for opportunity #2 and you will bring your same 2 personals from opportunity #1 with you when they are qualified and ready to move forward.
  7. Option #2 & Opportunity #2 - Start with opportunity #2 , buy the package that best fits your budget and maintain an active auto ship of around (100 points) $120.00 per month.  Once you build up enough commissions to pay for opportunity #1, that's when you will start opportunity #1.  Must be in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand or Taiwan to participate in option #2.  Other countries opening soon.  People who start with option #2 are people who want to be a part of this team, but can’t afford to start with option #1.

What Does The System Do:

  • Provides 2 powerful income streams using your same 2 people.
  • Should 1 of the 2 opportunities go away, which is not likely, we can replace that opportunity with something else that will align with the existing opportunity.
  • Will pay you a 3, 4 and high 5+ figure income per month like clockwork.
  • If something like this interests you, contact me for more information.  I'm not interesting in sharing this system with people who want to play games or who may want the information just to have the information out of curiosity.  If you can't or won't meet the system requirements above, this isn't for you and you should not reach out to me.
  • If you follow the system and do your part, the sky's the limit and you can be set free financially in the next 9-18 months.
  • The system will make you very happy and I have no doubt that you'll be completely pleased with both of them.  Let's go!
  • We would NOT be building 2 companies... we would be building a system that incorporates two very profitable companies.  Two very selective companies that are very powerful, but have no relationship or product similarities to each other.


  1. Yes, there will be unlimited training.
  2. Yes, I will hold your hand through the entire process.
  3. Yes, I will monitor your journey and help any way I can.
  4. Yes, I work for FREE to help you become a millionaire.

If this is something you can get behind, I’d love to talk with you to hear your thoughts and ideas.

PS:  I'm not looking for a few people who have money.  That's easy to find.  I'm looking for serious and dedicated people who are serious about changing their lives and building an empire.

Let’s get started... I look forward to hearing from you.