Business Partnerships

If your business is in financial trouble and needs cash, I can not only help you clear your debt(s), but I can also help you correct any business issues that involve people, processes (systems) or products.

I am not a bank, so I do NOT give out loans.  I am a business person who partners with business owners trying to keep their business from going out of business.  Naturally, I would have to assume some ownership of the company with my financial and business support.  I will become a partner only and I have no intentions of taking over a company.  Business owners will remain business owners.

Depending on the business type, the cash flow and the amount needed, I would need to assume anywhere from 10% to 50% of the business.  30% of $1.00 for example is better than 30% of nothing.

Don't let your business go under.  Contact me for financial aid and guidance.

Florida Counties Areas Of Interest:

I am partnering in Florida at this time and will consider partnership in any of these counties.

  1. Hillsborough (headquarters)
  2. Hardee
  3. Manatee
  4. Pasco
  5. Pinellas
  6. Polk
  7. Sarasota

You can send information to or call me direct at 813.817.1221.  All information received will be kept confidential and will never be sold or shared.  I partner with troubled businesses to save businesses, to grow businesses and to help others stay employed who rely on their employment to provide for their family.