Earth Water

100% Natural | Alkaline Water | 70+ Trace Minerals + Fulvic / Humic Complexes

  • Boost & Help Rebuild the Immune System
  • Maintain Nutrient Levels in the Body's Cells
  • Improve Circulation & Lower Blood Pressure
  • Neutralize Radiation & Reduce its Effects on the Body
  • Reduce Stress
  • Lower Levels of Arthritis-Related Pain
  • Remove Toxins & Free-Radicals
  • Maintain Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Enable More Restful Sleep
  • Improve Memory & Analysis Skills
  • Enable Better Hormone & Electrolyte Balance

Welcome to EarthWater and probably the best and most healthiest beverage you can possibly consume.  There is water and then there is EarthWater.  Make sure you know the difference.  Water alone will make you think your rehydrated and EarthWater will rehydrate you and give you health benefits you'll never get from water and most foods.  This is going to be huge!!!!

There is a 1 case obligation to buy when you sign up as a lifetime affiliate.  1 case is $50.00 w/ free shipping and you receive (12) 20 oz bottles.  Even if you never buy again, you’re an affiliate for life earning a whopping 40% on all your referrals, for the rest of their life.  If you’re the business type, the positioning you’ll get now will never be seen again.  Don’t overthink this and make a mistake by not positioning yourself with me this early in the soft-launch.  We will be in soft-launch until Aug-Sep 2018, so right now everyone is paid as an affiliate.  Once the MLM platform kicks in, that’s when you will make a killing, assuming you listen and follow our training.  When EarthWater becomes the next billion dollar company, you’ll be glad you jumped on this team.  I am “all in” and taking anyone who wants to reach the top with me.

I am currently pre-launching this company with Brig Hart, my first ever mentor in the network marketing space.  My relationship with Brig dates back to 1987 and we are going to create thousands of Diamonds and I hope you'll help me help you reach that rank yourself.  We are loading affiliates at this time, but sometime in August or September of 2018, the network marketing model will kick in, so by then, you can become a Diamond on day one.  Don't miss the boat on this.  Brig has already created 2 billion dollar companies and he's going to do it again.  Get in NOW, ride and wave and I'll help you reach the top.  This team build is going to go fast, so the sooner to decide and take your position, the sooner you’ll get spillover.  Every new person on the team will go under all people already in.

I have been in this industry for more than 31 years and it's not often that something this big and "simple" comes around.  The EarthWater products are probably the easiest products in the industry to explain.  We all drink water, but we don't always drink water with health benefits

My plan is to put as many people as possible into this amazing opportunity, where those people will get a huge head start of others who will join in July or later, once the company starts the actual MLM side of the company.  If you follow my lead and do your part, I believe you can go Diamond on day one of the launch.  Contact me with your full name, e-mail address, phone number, country, city and state and I’ll make sure you’re plugged in on what’s happening.

I will personally sponsor more than 1,000 people into this amazing company, so if you want to be a part of my team, know that I'm building in a straight line, so placement is going to be first come, first served.  I am a very hands on Sponsor, I do this full time and I will do everything in my power to assist you at reaching your health or financial goals.

Great Little EarthWater Video Overview:

EarthWater's Corporate Story:

Amazing Q & A Session from 01/30/2018: (Must Watch)

Compensation / Affiliate Overview:

  • Buy 1 case at $50.00 + free shipping and become an affiliate for life.
  • Sign up as many people as you want.
  • Earn 40% commissions on all gross sales from those your sponsor.
    • Sell 10 cases collectively with any number of customers and get $200.00
  • Get paid every Friday.
  • Must buy at least 1 case to qualify as an affiliate.
  • No monthly auto ship or purchase requirement EVER, after your first purchase.
  • Get paid for life on your personals who order even if you never buy again.
  • Full Overview -

Team Telegram Group:

Once you’re a member, please join our Telegram group.  No spamming or the promoting of other opportunities will be allowed.  Violators will be removed and band.  This group is for paid members only.

My Referral Link:  Only affiliates can sign up at this time.  Customers will be able to purchase soon.  Please use the link below if I reached out to you.  If someone else reached out to you and sent you to me for more information, please use their link.

  • Only USA members can sign up for affiliate status at this time.  Canada is next and very soon and then Europe will follow.
  • EarthWater is already shipping to 30 countries.
    • Do NOT use http://www or www.

I look forward to connecting and working with you.  Please contact me and let’s work this out.

Richard Wyche
813.817.1221 (voice / text)