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FMC is possibly one of the greatest transfer of wealth opportunities available to us.  FMC is the only 100% legal crowdfunding platform that I am aware of and we are a year in the making and still going strong.  Many copycat opportunities have come and gone and FMC is still here as strong as ever.  I don't know of any other legal opportunity that allows you to to earn 80.4 Bitcoin (BTC) per month on a one-time 0.02 BTC out of pocket contribution.

How many Bitcoin opportunities or cryptocurrency opportunities in general have come and gone in the last year?  FMC is a year old and is as solid as ever.  Stop taking risks and stick with what's working.

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I am the founder and top leader of Team Global Impact (TGI) and we are one of the largest, if not the largest... team in the company.  Everything you need to know to grow your business will be provided to you in black and white.  Almost like painting by the numbers.

What is Bitcoin (BTC):

How It Works:

Show Me the Money:

Fun Example Between Fiat Currency and Crypto Currency:

FMC Facts Sheet:

I do everything I can to simply things, so that's why we have what I call a FMC Facts Sheet.  This document is what I call the FMC Bible and it will tell you everything you need to know about FMC and all the nuts and blots, so if you can understand this document and point people to this document, you'll get more growth and not be so bogged down with questions.  Please share it with your team.  This document is updated on a regular basis.


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