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Me with Michael Doulton on 11/09/2017 in Miami where he signed 208 Character and Toby Jugs for me.  What a great time.  If you don't know, I buy, sell and trade all things Royal Doulton, so if you have a collection that you want to offload, please reach out to me.

We are HUGE buyers, sellers and traders of Royal Doulton Collectibles.

Yes, one of my many hobbies is buying and selling antiques.  The higher end the better, and the more rare the better.  I buy individual pieces as well as full collections, regardless of the size.  I am a take all kind of buyer, so if you have a lot of pieces at a price I'm comfortable with, it's a deal.

Nothing I buy is for a personal collection other than a select group of rare Toby Jugs.  I buy for resale and to help some of my close collector friends looking for specific items.  That means I am forced to be very aggressive on my purchase price.  I have to pay what the market dictates, not what you may think an item is worth.  Markets change and sometimes so does the value.  I can't pay for sentimental value, so please don't take offense when you ask for an offer and it seems low.  I do try my best to be completely fair.

If you are anywhere near the Tampa, FL., area and would like to sell off particular items, a collection, an estate or other, I will come in, inspect the items and pack everything up myself.  I pay in all cash of course.  You don't have to do anything on your end, but maybe dust off what you can before I get there.  I will drive as much as 5 hours one way if the deal is right and as long as everything is negotiated beforehand.


We are expanding our facility, so for now, all inventory has been stored in totes, so if you find something you like, note the item and the item # and we will do our best to give you the best price possible.  Once an item is sold it's removed from this shared online directory listing.

WE BUY - Most Preferred Items of Interest by Brand Name: 

  1. American Brilliant (glassware)
  2. Aynsley (anything, china, tea cups, saucers)
  3. Deruta (anything, pottery)
  4. Fenton (anything)
  5. Hermes (handbags)
  6. Lilique (glassware)
  7. Liomage (anything, china, tea cups, saucers)
  8. Lladro (figurines)
  9. Loetz (glassware)
  10. McCoy (pottery)
  11. Murano (glassware)
  12. Newcomb (pottery)
  13. Northwood (anything)
  14. Quezal (glassware)
  15. Rookwood (anything, bookends)
  16. Roseville (anything, pottery)
  17. Royal Doulton (anything, figurines, plates, toby and character jugs, etc...)
    • Royal Doulton items are of top interest.
    • If you have a collection of Royal Doulton items, especially Character and Toby Jugs, Figurines and Loving Cups, contact me to discuss a take all purchase price.
  18. Shelley (anything, bone china)
  19. Tiffany (anything, lamps)
  20. Wedgwood (anything, basalt, jasperware)
  21. Weller (anything, pottery)

Other Items of Interest by Category (Old and/or Vintage Only):

  1. Ashtrays
  2. Asian Anything
  3. Cast iron (anything, irons, pans, toys)
  4. Coca-Cola (anything)
  5. Cookie Jars
  6. Costume Jewelry (anything vintage)
  7. Dr. Pepper (anything)
  8. Hummel Figurines (large items only)
  9. Japan Themed (anything stamped Japan)
  10. Lladro Figurines
  11. Perfume Bottles
  12. Rolling pins (glass)
  13. Syrup Dispensers
  14. Toby and Character Jugs (large, medium or small)

Items with little to no interest:

I would not be interested in the following items unless the deal was really amazing and hard to pass up.  If you have a deal you think I shouldn't pass up, please contact me.

  1. Anything too heavy for one person to carry
  2. Appliances
  3. Board games
  4. Clothing / apparel
  5. Currency (coins / paper)
  6. Furniture (small pieces okay)
  7. Guns
  8. Ivory
  9. Paintings
  10. Posters
  11. Replica's of anything
  12. Sports memorabilia (if not sports cards)

Have stuff for sale?

If you have items for sale, even if they are not in my list of interests above, I would still like to discuss the deal with you.  I'll consider any good deal.  Here is what I would need from you.

  1. As much detail and information as possible about the item(s) being sold.
  2. Very close and detailed images of your item(s).  Front, back, top & bottom.  Group pictures are okay most of the time.
  3. Does your item(s) come boxed and with or without certificates of authenticity?
  4. Total number of pieces in the deal.
  5. Location of item(s) / city, state.  We will travel if the deal is large enough.
  6. Your asking price for the item(s) or the collection.
  7. Send the information to or call me directly at 813.817.1221.  You can also text images to that number.

Our Royal Doulton Inventory:


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