I Buy Collections

If you’re looking to move on from a once prized collection, I might be the guy you need.  I buy collections of all types, I’m able to travel, and I’m ready to make a deal, but know that I only buy collections for resale and I buy on resale value, not sentimental value.  If there is no room for a reasonable profit on my end, I won’t be able to make a deal.  There are a lot of costs in labor, fuel, hotels (if traveling), storage, packing materials, shipping fees, selling fees and more that take away from profits, so as much as I would respect your take all buy offer, please don’t feel disrespected if my number comes in a lot lower than you had hoped to get.  On top of all that, we have to consider how long it will take to turn over the collection.  In some cases it could be months, but it can also be years.  Some items may never sell.  Business is business and I do try to make sure that the math works for both sides.

There was a collection offered to me not long ago where the seller wanted somewhere around $5,000.00 for a collection that after my researched proved that I would be lucky to get $1,000.00 for, even if I got top dollar.  All the seller cared about was what she had into it (what she paid), and couldn’t understand that today’s value was nothing close to what those items were once worth.  Sadly we couldn’t make a deal.

Small lots are not typically considered, especially if I have to travel, but if the item(s) and the price is right, anything is possible.  A large deal to me is several hundred to thousands of items.

What I look for are hot sellers, high end sports cards (graded is better), Royal Doulton jugs and figurines, Lladro, Disney, Coca-Cola, vintage antiques and collectibles of all types, vintage electronics and games, and so much more.  I don’t do vehicles, furniture or paintings or items that are too large or too heavy to ship through a carrier service.

If you have a collection you would like to move… please take the time to provide as much information as possible.  At a minimum, I need high quality pictures of individual pieces (if possible), a spreadsheet that lists what you have as well as the number of pieces you have if you have duplicates, and your take-all asking price.

I am in the Tampa Bay area of FL and traveling is not too big of a concern if the deal is right.  When negotiating a buy-all price, I have to factor in every cost that goes to getting the collection and bringing the collection to our warehouse.  In come cases, that may include fuel back and forth and 1-5 nights in a hotel on top of the price for the collection.

Once a verbal agreement has been made and my team arrives, time will be needed to go through the collection, sorting and inventorying the high dollar pieces and making sure what what was agreed on is present.  Once we do our walkthrough, we package and load every piece into our own crates.  If what you have is already boxes that’s okay, too.  Collections that are already packaged up is a huge benefit.

Payment is typically made in CASH and we pay before we start the packing and loading process.