VASAYO = Vision, Action, Steadiness Assures Your Outcome.



Join VASAYO and Team Global Impact today... not tomorrow.  VASAYO is growing fast and with purpose and it's going viral.  We are in pre-pre launch with Vasayo and a team of leaders who have already created, built and managed two multi-billion dollar companies.  Vasayo will be the "next" billion dollar company.  I am positioned on the company leg (left side) where only 2 powerful and influential affiliates are in lineage between me and the Master Distributor.  BOOM!

If you recall the success of Nerium, USANA and Monavie, need I say more?  Monavie alone went from zero to over a billion in sales in 3 years and 4 months and then by year 5 was doing a billion per year in business.  Knowing that, you have to make an educated assumption that we have the potential to have the same success here, since this company is owned and led by the same leadership of the past.  Vasayo will be a legacy company, one that you will be able to pass down for generations.

No obligation and no money required to join.  Right now we are focused on positioning and setting people up for success.  The products will be released in January 2017, which means you have until then to look around and see if Vasayo is for you without investing any money.  Don't be the person in January kicking yourself because you passed up on this VERY VERY early positioning.  The time we have now to grow our teams will never be seen again, so act now and learn later.  We will be opening the US and Canada in January 2017.  Hong Kong will launch next in May / June of 2017 and we hope other countries may follow later in 2017.

Serious people looking to finally make it should reach out to me and ask for a position.  I am placing people in a straight line, first come, first served.  If you team up with me… you will be placed on a leg that will be built for you.  BOOM!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this statement because it's 100% true.  YOU WILL find your 11, but you have to go through 1,200 people find them.  Never quit and you'll be a Bill Britt.


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I am building in a straight line and will personally sponsor more than 1,000+ people.  Those 1,000+ people have to add 1,000+ people to the leg and all those people will go to the bottom below YOU, as long as you get in before them.

Don't sit on this.  ACT NOW!