StealthCo Solutions, LLC

StealthCo Solutions (, the mother ship if you will, was founded by three amazing owners (Richard, James and Romel).  We are headquartered in Apollo Beach, FL, (Hillsborough county) and we offer total solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Some of the services we offer are below.

  1. Complete cleaning services
  2. Fire & Mold (Coming Soon)
  3. Flipping rehabs
  4. Flooring install (carpet, hardwood, laminate and other)
  5. General home maintenance and repairs
  6. Kitchen installations and remodels
  7. Packing services (we can supply all the materials)
  8. Pressure washing
  9. Rehabs, cuts, tear downs, and dump removal
  10. Roofing repair & new roofing
  11. Water damage & restoration
  12. Plus... soooo much more

StealthCo Industrial, LLC

Part of StealthCo Solutions eco system is StealthCo Industrial ( where we sell  much needed products, supplies and equipment to companies in the moving & storage, warehouse, truck rental, shipping, retail business, handyman, and restoration and mitigation type companies.

Our prices are extremely competitive and in many cases, wholesale in price.  More and more products are being added as this department of StealthCo is relatively new.