Real Estate

Looking for Multi-Family Units, Storage Facilities and Land.

If you have multi-family units / apartments, storage units or land for sale, please reach out to me.  I prefer purchasing property in the state of FLORIDA, but I will consider all reasonable offers.

When you submit your property, I will need the following information:

  1. Full property address (property number, street, city, zip).
  2. Seller or listing agents name and number.
  3. High quality pictures (as many as possible that covers the entire property.
  4. YOUR name and phone number, so I can reach back out to you.
  5. email

Properties That Meet My Criteria:

  1. Multi-Family / Apartment Complexes
  2. Storage Units
  3. Warehouse space (multiple units)
  4. Businesses for sale
  5. Properties from HIGHLY motivated sellers.
  6. Ugly properties.
  7. Pretty properties.
  8. Distressed properties.
  9. REO properties (bank owned).
  10. FSBO properties (for sale by owner).
  11. Properties in pre-foreclosure (first letter of default received).
  12. Properties where the owner is upside down.
  13. Foreclosed on properties.
  14. Pre-Auction properties.
  15. Tax lien properties.
  16. Land, land, land!  Always looking for good land deals.
  17. Vacant properties (clear that no one is living on the property).

Do You Have Solid Leads:

  1. As a real estate investor and someone who pays CASH for all purchases, it's always nice to "help" others who introduce properties to me for evaluation.  If you find and submit properties to me, and I purchase any of those properties, I will give you a finders fee up to $5,000.00 "per" property.  If my team closes on just 1 of your submitted properties per month, you could make up to $60,000.00 per year and never do any work other than search, find, and submit the property.