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If you want to learn about Cryptocurrency and how your hard earned money can work for you, I will help you get started and I will never charge you for my help.  You can start right now by earning up to 12% annually on your money.  Never leave your cash in the bank because banks will never give you a return that will ever make a difference.

Please open and review this guide.  CLICK HERE NOW.  You will learn everything you need to do to get started.  Don't overthink this, just follow the steps and trust the process.

Coming soon is the rebranding of LUCRO LIFE.  It's an exciting time!

As the Founder and CEO of Lucro Life (, I am happy to report that we are now LIVE!  The video below will give you a presentation of who we are and what we’re doing.


I  clearly understand that you can be anywhere, but let me ask you a fair question?  Are you getting a fair ROI on your time, effort and energy?  That means if you could be hired as a customer service rep and had two companies offering you a position that does the exact same thing, but one pays $12.00 an hour and the other pays $25.00 an hour, where would you most likely go?  I would assume you would take the $25.00 an hour job because it pays more, and you get paid "better" for your time, effort and energy. 

You need to apply that same principle to your home based business.  Why build a business with a company that only pays 6-9 ways when another pays up to 15 ways?  Why build a business with a company that is loaded with breakage, which is a comp plan strategy to NOT pay you, because you didn't meet all the requirements?  Do you want to earn more without adding additional work or people?  You have to have that serious conversation with yourself. 

As a courtesy to those who follow me, if you enroll using the link below, you are guaranteed a COMPANY LEG position.  Once enrolled, I will reassign you to a new Sponsor, but that will have no effect on your position.  I will also make you the personal sponsor of the next person who enrolls.  Lucro Life only requires two personals to reach the top ranks of the company, and this would be one of your two.  As the company Founder, I have limited myself to only sponsoring our top 100 Founders, and that's why once you're in, you will be given a new sponsor, but know that you will maintain your same position.

If you're looking for a fresh start, Lucro Life is it.  We have an amazing Rewards Plan that I believe no one can touch and we've removed all the breakage that other companies rely on to withhold paying their members as much as possible.

How many times have you stated or have heard other people state, "I can never get in on time (meaning early), I can never get positioned a company leg, I can't find a company that is affordable, I can never find a company that offers to much for so little, and so on?"  We are the solution to all those statements.  Lucro Life is $100.00 to start, which is $60.00 for the annual fee that covers the back office and other tools, and then $40.00 for the first month of a product of choice.  After the $100.00, it's just $40.00 per month.  

Lucro Life is looking for Entrepreneurs, people who are hungry for more, people who can focus and follow a few simple instructions, people who can stake their flag in one company and people who has a dream with enough fight in them to go after what they want.  It's okay to be in Lucro Life and participate in other company, but why would you want to?  It's hard enough to build one company.

The goals for Lucro Life are huge, so why not YOU, why not NOW, and why not Lucro Life?

Lucro Life came about because the Founder (me) felt like the industry was broken and something had to help fix the broken pieces of the industry.  The industry is amazing and the rewards can be life changing, but the profession has a failure rate of 97%.  Imagine if our school system had a 97% failure rate.

Lucro Life is great home.  The products are amazing, the SmartShip (autoship) is one of the lowest in the industry (30PV), we are affordable and fair, and the requirements to make rank is minimal compared to other companies that require unrealistic requirements and an unreasonable number of active builders and customers just to qualify for any decent amount of commissions or a higher rank.

Getting Started:

  • Contact Richard @ 813.817.1221 or email him directly at

What Countries Can Sign Up?

  • Globally for the personal travel booking engine.
  • USA for all tangible products

Why YOU Should Partner With ME?

Because I’m an industry professional who will do everything possible to help you reach the success you're after.  I am 150% all in building Lucro Life and nothing in my life will distract me from helping more than 100,000,000 people around the world find better health, more wealth, an amazing education on LIFE, and help them create the most lucrative life possible.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this statement because it's 100% true.  YOU WILL find your 11, but you may have to go through 1,200 people find them.  Never quit and you will eventually have your own Bill Britt story.

When you stop stopping... your residual checks will stop stopping!

If you're ready to finally settle down, consider Lucro Life.  If you're ready to make some money, consider Lucro Life, if you're ready to "learn", consider Lucro Life.  If you feel lost and don't know what to do, consider Lucro Life.  If you want to make a few hundred dollars a month or even $10,000.00+, consider Lucro Life.  If you're tired of grinding and rebuilding all the time, consider Lucro Life.  If you're tired of teaming up with so called leaders (fakers, jokers, scammers) who are never there for you or can't ever help you, consider Lucro Life.  If you're "really" serious about starting a home based business, working from home, part time in your spare time and changing your life, you "really" need to consider Lucro Life.

It costs you "nothing" to talk to me!!!

Contact me “directly” for more information.  My experience goes back 30+ years and I can do a lot for you.  It's up to you now to make the move.  I'm ready...

See you at the top.  I am building a BILLION dollar business, so jump in and let me help you build your empire.  You can do anything if you commit to doing it.

Let's make 2020 and beyond all about YOU.