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Hi, welcome to my domain.

My name is Richard and I’m an entrepreneur through and through.  If I can share or help you with anything, it starts with getting your finances right and creating a financial affidavit so that you know how much money is coming in and where it’s going.  My focus then would be to help you learn how to let your money work for you and not against you.  I will happily send you a free spreadsheet that you can use for free and update on your own.

I was born and raised in the #305 (Miami, FL), I’m a die-hard Dolphins fan, and I was blessed to be able to join the worlds greatest Navy at the age of 17.  I retired after 25 years as a RM/ITC(SW/AW/PJ).  For my Airborne brothers and sisters… go all the way… and then some!

My experiences are broad and you can dig a little deeper into me and what I do by reviewing the pages I have at the top of this page.  I also offer a number of very useful training guides that anyone can use to build a better network marketing business.

I am heavily involved in buying and selling real estate (land, self-storage and multi-family), buying businesses, buying collections of antiques and collectibles, and teaching people how to earn money with cryptocurrency (the right way).  I’m also a 35+ year network marketing / MLM expert who speaks and shares the brutal truth about the industry and how network marketing can help change lives for those who get involved and can take it seriously.

If you want to learn about Cryptocurrency and how your hard earned money can work for you, I will help you get started and I will never charge you for my help.  You can start right now with just $20.00 and earn up to 200% annually on your money.  Never leave your cash in the bank because banks will never give you a return that will ever make a difference.  The national average for interest on a savings account is 0.06%.  Banks will happily loan out YOUR money to charge other people 24+%, but rewards you with near nothing in return.  They make a living off your money, so it’s time that you lived off  your money, not the bank.

Please join my $Tonic group on Facebook to learn more on how to get started with crypto.  CLICK HERE NOW.  You will learn everything you need to get started.  Don't overthink this, just get involved, follow the steps and trust the process, and you will win big.  I will help make you a millionaire, but only if you allow me to.  This group will teach you how a few dollars here and there can add up and get you a 100x or even a 1,000x return on your money.

Need More Help Getting Started:

  • Contact me @ 813.817.1221 or email me directly at  It’s best if you text first because I don’t pick up on numbers I don’t recognize.

It costs you "nothing" to talk to me, so let’s connect and let's get you financially secure by 2025 and beyond.